About pSMILE

pSMILE - (Patient Safety Monitoring in International Laboratories) is a contractual resource at Johns Hopkins University designed to evaluate and develop the capability of laboratories to participate in the National Institute of Health (NIH) - Division of AIDS (DAIDS) - supported prevention, vaccine and therapeutic clinical studies conducted globally; and ensure the integrity and reliability of tests for monitoring safety and efficacy of experimental products investigated in DAIDS - supported studies globally.
pSMILE on-site

Our Mission

pSMILE is dedicated to supporting the quality assurance efforts of worldwide clinical research laboratories in order to improve, advance, and empower local healthcare and disease prevention globally.

Our Vision

pSMILE aims to become a leader in innovative and customized approaches to quality assurance by delivering resources and support to global clinical research laboratories, enabling our partners to be forerunners in infectious disease research and community health administration.

Core Values

  • Integrity - We inspire laboratories to achieve excellence in international standards by promoting safe testing practices that produce reliable and valid results.
  • Quality - We ensure that global communities receive quality care by providing assistance, guidance and training in understanding international laboratory practice guidelines.
  • Leadership - We are leaders in proficiency testing, and partner with a worldwide network of community health clinicians and research scientists who are also leaders.
  • Support - We train and assist laboratories in support of a broader shared mission of community health improvement and infectious disease prevention.
  • Empowerment - We foster a sense of community among a global network of laboratories, while promoting the independence and autonomy of each laboratory we work with.
  • Diversity - We are enriched by the efforts, talents and perspectives of diverse staff and partners.